SA 2006

Dad’s 70th and a trip to Cape Town.

Antigua May 2006

2006 started on what could have been a bad note when Sean was made redundant immediately after returning from holiday in SA. We decided to go ahead anyway as the holiday was already booked and paid for. It was a pretty relaxing break after a pretty relaxing 5 months for Sean. Little did he realise that he would be back at work within 2 weeks of our return.

This was a really great position and stayed there for over 3 years

SA 2005

Back again for a flying visit over Chrismas and New year. This Time Sean and Elaine as most of the Durban family had yet to meet Elaine, the newest family member.

Tobago - our honeymoon

It all started in Dec 2004 when we were looking for somewhere to go for a quick warm getaway over Christmas and New Year. Sean fancied Tobago. Accommodation was no problem at such short notice but all flights were fully booked. This started us thinking that this would be a great place for our honeymoon and bookings were made almost immediately while we settled for Brussels for the New Year.

It was a fantastic three weeks at the Coco Reef resort. Not quite what we had in mind for our quick getaway – but it was, after all, our honeymoon. Here are some of the pictorial highlights…

Summer 2004

Summer is the only time we get to see Sean’s parents in the UK because the senior Mrs Gates refuses to venture North at any other time of the year. This particular summer was when we got engaged.

Sri Lanka April 2004

After a stressful first quarter of 2004 it was time to organise the annual hols. Sean had survived the six month probationary period in his new job and Elaine was nearing the end of her notice period for her old one, with a two week break before the new one started. So it was go now or wait another four months.

China December 2003

A very special holiday to both of us as it was our first together. And for good measure we saw in the New Year in Beijing.

Russia July 2003

Yes I’ve done it again. In July 2003 I cycled 450 kms from Moscow to St Petersburg in Support of British ORT.
To do this I had to commit to raising £2500. The obvious question is why!!! Well there are several reasons.
Education is vital in securing a better future and that is what ORT is all about. Providing money, food, clothing, running water (the list goes on) for disadvantaged communities needs to be supported by education, without this these communities will never learn to become self sufficient and will continue to rely on external support.

SA 2003

Sean and Shannon’s first visit since moving to England in 1997. Spent some time in Durban catching up with family and friends as well as some time in East London to see my Gran, and some more family.


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