Durban Winter 2012

Our second trip to SA this year. Mum’s 70th and the folks golden wedding anniversary was the occasion. Most of the time was spent in and around Durban.


Spent most of winter working in Poland. Got to spend time in Gdansk, Posnan and Warsaw. Here are some pics of Gdansk – by far the prettiest town of the 3. We were fascinated by the bombed buildings. They were fenced off after WWII and hadn’t been touched since. Nobody is sure who bombed them as it was here that the war started, so it could have been Germans, Russians or British. They are probably gone by now as the area was being re-developed for the Euro 2012 football champs.

Cape Town 2012

The big surprise for my parents in 2011 was that we were going to meet them in Cape Town. Earlier in the year we had bought them tickets to go to Cape Town for New Year. What we had failed to mention was that it would be us collecting them from the airport. Naturally this did involve some collusion with other members of the family – particularly Marie and Des.

Turkey 2011

September and time for what is beginning to feel like the annual pilgrimage to Turunç. We have been there a few times for an autumn chill out. Its just a little fishing village off the main tourist trail and perfect for a quick get away - as long as you don’t count the trip to and from the airport ;-) . The village has loads of great restaurants and all very reasonably priced. On our previous visits we have stayed in an all inclusive hotel, but have to confess that we have never actually eaten there. This time we chose a little guest house at the other end of the village.

SA 08/09

We left for Durban in the freezing cold on Christmas day and arrived on a balmy boxing day. We stayed in Durban until the 7th of January and caught up with the family. We also included the obligatory trip to Ushaka marine world.

Egypt May 2008

In May 2008 we took a weeks break to Taba Heights in Egypt.
Most of the week was spent chilling, perhaps that’s the wrong word as the temp was over 40 for most of the week. Of course there was some diving and sailing for Sean and an outing to Petra in Jordan. This completes the second leg of our quest to visit all seven wonders of the modern world.

Australia 2007/2008

This year it was Australia for Christmas and New Year. A brief stop in Singapore to catch up with Jorgen, Cheryl and Helen in the airport. It was all a bit of a rush as our flight was late in and we completely forgot that we had our cameras.

Lanzarote November 2007

A short break in November 2007 to get some winter sun. It was also an opportunity for Elaine to get a head start on her tan before heading off to Australia for Christmas and New Year.

Summer 2007

Another trip up North for the senior Gates family. This summer the Bradys’ celebrated their Golden Wedding Anniversary

Vietnam and Cambodia May 2007

And now for something completely different. For this holiday we were off to Vietnam and Cambodia. Perhaps not too different for Sean as he had been to Vietnam in 2001, but more different than he expected.
After 3 flights and about 30 hours after leaving Heathrow we arrived at Hanoi. The first sign that things had changed was the friendly smiling faces that greeted us at immigration. The process was relatively quick as well. This is clearly a country that (now) recognises the financial benefits of tourism.Our next 3 nights were spent in Hanoi.


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