Shock result

I have now had the suspension on my Sprint GT professionally setup and the handling is completely transformed. Its not perfect as the results were limited by the standard equipment, which has not been upgraded.

Most noticeable improvements

  • Stopped rattling my teeth on really bad surfaces. The bus lane on Haymarket is a great example of a really horrible surface to ride on. Chose this on Friday even though the other lane was empty. Its still not a comfy ride (if you know the area you will know that isn't possible) but I was not thrown all over the place and there were no twinges in my back or rattling teeth that I previously had on this stretch.
  • Rs end no longer flies up when you hit an unexpected bump at speed. By speed I mean over 30 mph. Previously when I encountered a small sharp bump it always got me by surprise and threw the back of the bike up enough that my back found the experience unpleasant. It now takes these in its stride and my back is much happier.
  • Turn in noticeably quicker.
  • Back end no longer sits up half way through long sweeping high speed bends.
  • Tram lining is cured. I don't just mean white lines and road joins. On Friday afternoon I happily filtered down the A316 where the road is properly rutted between east and west bound. I'm still on the original tyres which have now seen about 3k miles.
  • No sea sickness on undulating surfaces.
  • Feel much more confident in turning.
  • Much less diving under brakes.

The tuner aimed for 35mm rider sag in front and 40mm at the back. When I setup the Fazer I did go for 35 at both ends but I also had a Nitron race shock to work with.

I'm around 100 kgs (16 stone) and here are the results:


Preload: two rings showing (factory setting is 3).
Static sag: 25mm
Rider sag 45mm.

He couldn't achieve the target of 35 mm without making the forks really harsh and having them bottom out regularly. New springs are required and these are the same spec as those for the ST. You can use the calculator at to check what springs you need.


Preload: 16 clicks out (factory is 30 for solo and 20 for two up).
Damping: 1 Turn out (factory is 1.5).
Static sag: 7mm
Rider sag 40mm.

Here we did achieve the target but high preload means that it is under sprung. Fitting the correct spring would allow more travel and make for a comfier ride. The shock unit looks the same as the ST but Wilbers do show different part numbers for the two. Since there was no ST to hand we couldn't tell what is different.

I haven't ordered new springs but probably will have the front ones changed at the next service and wait for the rear shock to wear out before fitting an aftermarket one.
As many others have said - having this professionally setup has completely transformed the bike. I am not suggesting or recommending you use my settings, just letting you know what worked for me.