SA 08/09

We left for Durban in the freezing cold on Christmas day and arrived on a balmy boxing day. We stayed in Durban until the 7th of January and caught up with the family. We also included the obligatory trip to Ushaka marine world.

On the 7th we flew to Cape Town. Ok so we were only in Cape Town for two nights but we took a lot of pics especially on the sunset cruise that we took from the waterfront. Special thanks to Sean’s aunt and uncle, Marie and Des who put us up for the two nights. We finished that evening by having dinner with Giselle (Sean’s cousin) and Winston.

Then it was on the road for a drive along the garden route: Destination Port Elizabeth. The main reason the destination was PE was to see Sean’s Gran who would be 88 in Feb 09. We got a lot of the driving out of the way on the first day, stopping at Hermanus for morning tea. This was actually a bit of a detour off the recommended route but it was a pretty little harbour and we wanted to see it now that it has become such a major tourist desination. Of course it was out of whale watching season so we had no thronging crowds to contend with. next we stopped at Swellendam for a traditional lunch. Swellendam appears to have ignored the passage of the 20th century and it was like stepping back 50 years. Then on to Wilderness (with a short stop at Mossel Bay) where we were to spend the next 3 nights.
Using Wilderness as a base we explored Oudshoorn where we went to an Ostrich farm, but were too late to get into the Cango caves, George, Knysna and of course Wilderness itself. Then off to PE where we spent two nights with another aunt and uncle of Sean, this time Joan and Tony – a special thanks to them. We went to visit Gran (Ouma) twice before handing back the car and flying back to Durban on the 14th for the last 3 days of our trip.