Russia July 2003

Yes I’ve done it again. In July 2003 I cycled 450 kms from Moscow to St Petersburg in Support of British ORT.
To do this I had to commit to raising £2500. The obvious question is why!!! Well there are several reasons.
Education is vital in securing a better future and that is what ORT is all about. Providing money, food, clothing, running water (the list goes on) for disadvantaged communities needs to be supported by education, without this these communities will never learn to become self sufficient and will continue to rely on external support.
I have always wanted to go to Russia

I enjoy cycling and after all the abuse I have subjected my body to over the years a little excercise to keep it in some sort of shape would go a long way…
British ORT is the UK “wing” of the World ORT, the largest non-governmental education and training organisation in the world. A non-political, non-profit organisation, ORT’s objective is to meet the educational and vocational requirements of diverse students throughout the world. Currently, ORT operates in over 50 countries, spanning five continents, and trains 250,000 students every year. As a truly independent organisation ORT has the freedom to pioneer new ways of teaching and training both students teachers. This means that ORT schools often lead the way in education and the introduction of new technologies to the curriculum. ORT transmits new ideas and methods from one country to another through its vast international network, so that everyone across the world benefits form its innovations. ORT has returned to its roots with a number of projects in Eastern Europe. ORT is also helping to meet the education and training needs of the new South Africa as well as operating programmes in North and Central Africa, Europe, India, Latin America and the United States

The ride had a special prominence for ORT, which was founded in St Petersburg in 1880. Now ORT is again active in the former Soviet Union and 20,000 young people study at ORT schools in the region.Here they are provided with a safe environment,hot meals and a standard of education that will give them access to the most sought after jobs in the hi-tech industries of the 21st Century. ORT creates the opportunities for young people to go as far as their dreams take them. Each year ORT provides education and vocational training to 300,000 people from needy communities around the world. By providing an education for life,ORT students of all ages are given practical assistance and the skills they need for a safe and independent existence for themselves and their families. ORT also works with disadvantaged communities in developing countries.Through mother and child clinics in Asia, Africa and South America, ORT is teaching members of some of the worlds poorest communities about nutrition, education and childcare.

I had done this type of trip before in Vietnam in 2001. The experience was wonderful, the fund raising tough and the satisfaction of knowing that you have made a real difference is enormous.

Day 1 : KLM flight from London Heathrow to Moscow via Amsterdam..Overnight in Moscow.
Day 2 : Day of rest in Moscow..After sunset,take overnight train to Vologda.
Day 3 : Arrive Vologda and transfer to Peski..Bike to Kirillov via Ferapontovo.(70 kms)
Day 4 : Bike from Goritsy –Belozersk (50kms)
Day 5 : By boat Belozersk to Annensky Most,,then bike to Vytegra (74 kms)
Day 6 : Bike from Vytegra –Rodionovo (100 kms)
Day 7 : Bike from Rodionovo –Lodeinoye Pole (95kms).Transfer to Petrokrepost
Day 8 : Bike from Petrokrepost –St.Petersburg (60kms)
Day 9 : Sightseeing in St..Petersburg
Day 10 : Leave Russia,,arriving in London the same day