Cape Town 2012

The big surprise for my parents in 2011 was that we were going to meet them in Cape Town. Earlier in the year we had bought them tickets to go to Cape Town for New Year. What we had failed to mention was that it would be us collecting them from the airport. Naturally this did involve some collusion with other members of the family – particularly Marie and Des.
After months of keeping the secret we finally had to give it away on Christmas day – the day before we were due to fly to SA. Mom had been ill for a few weeks and when we Skyped to pass on Christmas wishes announced that they were not going to Cape Town and would not be persuaded. So no choice but to tell them. A good time was had by all. I got to spend yet another birthday in the air. To make matters worse I went straight to work from Heathrow on the morning of my birthday. This was compensated by being treated to a lovely dinner at La Colombe a few days before we headed home.