Durban Winter 2012

Our second trip to SA this year. Mum’s 70th and the folks golden wedding anniversary was the occasion. Most of the time was spent in and around Durban.

Cape Town 2012

The big surprise for my parents in 2011 was that we were going to meet them in Cape Town. Earlier in the year we had bought them tickets to go to Cape Town for New Year. What we had failed to mention was that it would be us collecting them from the airport. Naturally this did involve some collusion with other members of the family – particularly Marie and Des.

SA 08/09

We left for Durban in the freezing cold on Christmas day and arrived on a balmy boxing day. We stayed in Durban until the 7th of January and caught up with the family. We also included the obligatory trip to Ushaka marine world.

SA 2006

Dad’s 70th and a trip to Cape Town.

SA 2005

Back again for a flying visit over Chrismas and New year. This Time Sean and Elaine as most of the Durban family had yet to meet Elaine, the newest family member.

SA 2003

Sean and Shannon’s first visit since moving to England in 1997. Spent some time in Durban catching up with family and friends as well as some time in East London to see my Gran, and some more family.

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