Shock result

I have now had the suspension on my Sprint GT professionally setup and the handling is completely transformed. Its not perfect as the results were limited by the standard equipment, which has not been upgraded.

Sprint GT

Early June and time for a new bike. The last time I bought a bike in 2010 I test rode everything under the sun. The Sprint ST featured high on my list but in the end I bought another 02 Fazer. The main reason was that I found the suspension on the test bike pretty underwhelming. I did not want to buy a new bike knowing that I would immediately have to go out and spend significant amounts of money to get it right. Other notable mentions were the Tiger and GS 800s as well as their respective big brothers, although I'm not particularly excited by the looks of the so called adventure tourers..


In July 2008 my job changed dramatically. In addition to the convenient 12 mile from home office which meant bicycle in summer and tolerable car journey in winter I inherited another office 30 miles away - only thing was it was in London, and the opposite side to where the local (slow) train goes. (I also had to take a 25% pay cut for the pleasure of moving from contract to perm but that’s another story.) One week in and I was ready to resign. I was leaving home at 6:30 and usually not making it in for 9. I was also rarely home by 7:30.

Russia July 2003

Yes I’ve done it again. In July 2003 I cycled 450 kms from Moscow to St Petersburg in Support of British ORT.
To do this I had to commit to raising £2500. The obvious question is why!!! Well there are several reasons.
Education is vital in securing a better future and that is what ORT is all about. Providing money, food, clothing, running water (the list goes on) for disadvantaged communities needs to be supported by education, without this these communities will never learn to become self sufficient and will continue to rely on external support.

C2C September 2002

One morning in September I leapt out of bed and decided that I needed a holiday. I had never been to the lake district so jumped onto the internet to find accomodation. Along the way I found loads of references to the C2C (sea to sea: Irish to North) route. That sounded like a great idea so that Saturday I was off.

Vietnam 2001

This is John Snape’s account:

My Fears
Getting a duff bike.
Getting a dose of the trotters / Montezumas.
Being bunked up with a snorer.
Getting pissed and missing the plane.

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